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Welch Allyn CP150 ECG User Guide

A user guide for the Welch Allyn CP150 ECG machine.
Juan Carlos Cano : Thank you for sharing!!! it was  ands it is super helpful and easy to undersatnd!!!
Briana Vyne : a big thank you....
MaYowa OlorunYomi AbaYomi olorodE : Please, help my CP 150 keeps on printing, it doesnt stop printing after each ECG ? what could be wrong?
Raafat Baheeg : This is a year old question, but for those who might have the same question: You were doing a rhythm recording, not a regular 10 second 12-lead recording. Rhythm recording will continue for 5 minutes, or until you stop it manually.

How to Use the Welch Allyn CP150 EKG Machine and Product Features

The Welch Allyn CP150 ECG/EKG Machine is as advanced as they come. With touchscreen display and multiple exporting options, Welch Allyn has truly stepped up the game of ECG/EKG recordings.

In this video we show what is in the box when you purchase the Welch Allyn CP150. See a glimpse into the touchscreen display, and watch as we demonstrate how to record a 12-lead EKG using this machine. We also show the back panel that allows for multiple exporting options.

For more information, check out https://jakenmedical.com/welch-allyn-cp150-electrocardiograph.html.
ANTARES ATLANTIS : How much is it ?
Jaken Medical Inc : Call us for a quote! (909) 696-3429

WEL CP150 US Full HD




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